Foreign Investment in France hits new high in 2018!

The United States was the leading source of job-creating foreign investment in France in 2018, with 232 projects, or one foreign investment project in five in France.

There are over 4,500 American companies operating in France, where they employ more than 450,000 people. A total of 232 investments were recorded from the United States in France in 2018, a stable value from the previous year, creating or maintaining 6,274 jobs, or 21% of all jobs generated by foreign investment in France.

Investments by American firms were made primarily in decision-making centers (27%), including 13 new Global/European headquarters, production/manufacturing operations (22%), business services (22%) and R&D/engineering/design (15%). A large number of American companies invested in logistics operations, accounting for 24% of all projects and 58% of all jobs in this area in France.

American businesses invested most of all in the French software and IT services sector (25%), where 32% of all foreign investment in 2018 came from the United States, and made a standout contribution in the chemicals/plastics sector, accounting for 46% of foreign investment. American projects were most often located in Ile de France (Paris region), which attracted 41% of all investments from the United States, followed by AuvergneRhône-Alpes (11% of projects) and Pays de la Loire (8%).

In 2018, France was the second largest European recipient of job-creating investment from the United States, attracting 17% of American projects in Europe, preceded by the United Kingdom (21%), but ahead of Germany (15%).

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