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French Heritage

Bienvenue! Let’s announce our new member French Heritage When a young American woman, Henessy, met Jacques Wayser in Paris during the '70s, they probably didn’t know then, that 30 years later they would have an amazing showroom in a chateau in the “Furniture Capital of the World”.

Coming from a family with a long tradition in antiques and furniture business in France, Jacques decided to move with his wife to the US and create their own furniture company, French Heritage. Initially based in California, they decided to invest in High Point, NC, 10 years ago.

Today their company employs 15 people in High Point for management, design, marketing, sales, and logistics. They also employ 350+ production workers abroad. The high-end and tailor-made furniture is produced in Portugal, and the classic collection is produced in Indonesia.

Consumers may not know French Heritage as a brand, but they are familiar with the furniture businesses that sell their products, locally Furniture Land South, Williams Sonoma, Perigold, and also ABC Antiques in New York. Their primary clients are designers and interior decorators.

Why High Point, NC?

Not everyone knows that High Point is considered the Furniture Capital of the World. It’s easy to see why it’s earned that reputation, as home to the High Point Market, the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world that gathers 75.000 visitors twice a year, 2.000 exhibitors from more than 100 countries represented.

“North Carolina’s robust furniture industry value-chain is comprised of 3,000 establishments and more than 35,000 employees statewide. The state’s concentration of furniture manufacturing activity is more than three times the national average.” (more information at

Stay tuned, in order to celebrate this new membership, French Heritage will announce soon a great opportunity for FACCC members and friends. 

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