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Please welcome XDIN!

We are pleased to welcome a new member to the French-American Chamber of Commerce in the Carolinas. XDIN is a consulting company specializing in engineering and IT services. The company has its roots in the automotive industry on the Swedish west coast but has been established in the U.S. since 1996. Now, XDIN is a part of Paris based ALTEN Group, a French and worldwide leader in engineering and technology consulting with 30,000 employees in 27 countries worldwide. ALTEN's scope of expertise includes Automotive, IT, Rail, Aerospace, Life Science, Telecom, and Defense.

XDIN – World Leading Engineering and IT Consulting

Please welcome XDIN to the FACCC network. XDIN is an international engineering and IT consulting company driven by a deep sense of results and innovation - and by highly motivated employees!

What’s notable about XDIN is that the company values its employees just as much as its customers. They have even developed processes to identify skills and expectations to ensure that their projects closely match their employees’ desires.

"XDIN is unique due to its growing delivery center in North Carolina as well as its full time employment of all of its engineers. This allows XDIN to hire and retain top talent, as well as provide customers with experienced engineers on short notice. It also allows XDIN to create an awesome company culture, combining local and international talent in an exciting and challenging environment!"
Travis Provenzola, Sr. Business Manager

The United States is a key strategic market for the ALTEN Group, and it is expanding steadily through both organic growth and acquisitions. As for any consulting company, having motivated employees with the right competence is crucial, so an appealing work environment is a necessity in order to attract the best talent.

"What we managed to achieve with our engineering office in Greensboro, NC, is something like an incubator for knowledge. An environment with a lot of people with a lot of accumulated knowledge and an environment where there are no stupid questions."
Erik Wargh, Work Package Manager

Since their establishment in the United States, XDIN has given hundreds of international employees the opportunity to work abroad. Thus, they have a well-established process for overseas recruitment and they are happy to advise other members of the FACCC network who are planning on hiring French professionals.

Please feel free to reach out to Sr. Business Manager Travis Provenzola at or 1 336 493 1974.

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