We are joining La French Tech Family!

So thrilled to announce the creation of “La French Tech Raleigh - Research Triangle” on May 4th, 2020!

The teams of La French Tech Raleigh-Research Triangle and The French American Chamber of Commerce of the Carolinas (FACCC) have collaborated tightly since 2019 — with many backstage supporters — to make this happen.

A unique initiative, La French Tech brings together startups, investors, policymakers, and community builders in France and throughout the world. NC entrepreneurs can now effortlessly access a broad network of 13 French Tech capitals, 53 French Tech communities in France, and 56 French Tech communities across the world.

This accreditation is an opportunity to showcase Raleigh-Research Triangle and help tech entrepreneurs and talent solidify their decision to move to the Triangle.

“FACC and La French Tech are perfectly complementary in their goal to serve the French and local business communities. Having the “La French Tech” label offers a unique opportunity to attract more talent while supporting emerging tech entrepreneurship. We are very excited to share a common mission and to put our ideas, strengths, and network together to support “all things tech” in the Triangle region and to continue a very harmonious and fruitful collaboration,” shared Marie-Claire Ribeill, FACCC Executive Director.

“Our role is not to replace or to add to the complexity of that ecosystem but to work in close collaboration with the existing French and American players of economic development to help entrepreneurs make faster decisions by sharing our experience and contacts,” added La French Tech Vice-President Guillaume Kozinski.

“Special thanks to the incredible French team that was instrumental in making this a reality. This designation allows us to grow our relationships and create business opportunities in France and throughout the world!” congratulates Ryan Combs of Research Triangle Regional Partnership.

Kathleen Henry of Wake County Economic Development commented, “This is amazing news for our region. Thanks for this achievement and designation. We are so fortunate to have the FACCC and French Tech leadership and efforts supporting our region’s connections to France!”

Enthusiast Board Member, Fred Bost, explains, “I am a biotech startup entrepreneur who has worked in the Triangle for 20 years. I’m excited to share my experience and knowledge of the ecosystem with the French Tech network.”

With a strong experience in startup ecosystems and tech companies in France and the US, Stephanie Rousseau-Playe is eager to help entrepreneurs in their early stages on both sides of the Atlantic.

Our role is also to connect and bring together all those who are passionate about deep tech. “It's not what you know, it's who you know that matters. With a robust network within the Triangle, I look forward to leveraging my contacts and knowledge of the Raleigh market to create a first-class networking platform for French tech talents and companies,” says David Lavielle, La French Tech Vice-President. 

Jean-Georges Perrin (JGP) is our data geek and a 10-year IBM Champion. Passionate about all things data, big data, data analysis, JGP quips, “I’m looking to nurture the local tech community and dreaming of a French-Triangle Startup Summit in 2021.”

“Helping our tech talents grow and shine” is a must for Claire-Juliette Beale, a former VP of a fast-growing global start-up company that was hard hit—and survived‚—the 2001 recession. “We’ll design our activities around their most pressing needs.”

We are grateful to the large tech companies, startups, economic development players, accelerators, incubators, coworking spaces, tech education players, and other French Tech communities for helping us become La French Tech Raleigh-Research Triangle!

Kozinski concludes, “What we love about the American culture is the concept of an open network, and that is what we have decided to promote: ‘Our network is your network,’ and we believe in creative collisions.”

Let’s shape the future of tech in the Triangle together!

Team La French Tech Raleigh - Research Triangle 

David Lavielle, Guillaume Kozinski, Claire-Juliette Beale, Derek Chen, Frederic Bost, Jean-Georges Perrin, Jean-Marc Rollin, Stephanie Rousseau-Playe, Alexandra Lederer, Olivia Gharsallah, Séverin Launiau, Thomas Prieur

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A huge thank you to our supports!

Aeva Labs, AITP - The Association of Information Technology Professionals, Ambassade de France aux Etats-Unis, American Underground, bioMerieux, Cellectis, City of Raleigh Economic Development, Consulat de France Atlanta, Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (EDPNC), French American Chamber of Commerce of the Carolinas, Gig East Exchange, Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce, HQ Raleigh, Innovate Raleigh, Joltag Advantage Group, K4 Connect, Litterati, Loading Dock, LucidDream VR, M Systems International, Inc., NC Biotech (North Carolina Biotechnology Center), NC Open Pass / Code for America Open Raleigh Brigade, NC RIoT, NC Tech (North Carolina Technology Association), NOA Foodtech, Red Hat, Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster, Robin Care, RTRP (Research Triangle Regional Partnership), Runpal, Scoutr, SKEMA Business School US, SKEMA Ventures, TimelyText, Trakid, Trilliant, UNC ESHELMAN SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Center for Integrative Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery, Wake County Economic Development (WCED), La French Tech in the Alps, La French Tech Lisbon, La French Tech New York, La French Tech Suisse Romande, Marie Vilon @ La French Tech


Special note:

We are joining this prestigious organization, together with 13 other communities. Congrats to our sisters: French Tech Guadeloupe • French Tech Guyana • French Tech New Caledonia • French Tech Périgord Valley • French Tech Pays Basque • French Tech Bogota • French Tech Kiev • French Tech Malaysia • French Tech Miami • French Tech Philippines • French Tech Prague • French Tech Toronto!

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