French VAT Refund Program

Claim Your VAT Refund

Are you a company in the United States whose employees travel to France for professional events and you don't know how to claim your VAT?

FACC-Carolinas, in partnership with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, France International (CCI FI) helps you navigate the French VAT refund system in accordance with the European Union rules. This service is available to FACC member companies that want a refund of the VAT spent in France for their business activities (participation in  trade shows, seminars, business trips).

The VAT is refundable for the following expenses:

  • Venue rental, flowers, hospitality services, translations, telephone, electricity, transport of goods or machinery

  • Catering and beverages, restaurant bills

  • Gas (80 percent of the VAT)

  • Furniture rental for business activities

  • Professional services

  • Advertising and similar services

  • Commercial cars and van rentals

The VAT is not refundable  for hotels, car rentals for tourism, plane and train tickets, taxi fares and gifts. 

(This information is per Article 259 A and B of French General Tax code.)

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