VIE - French International Internships



  • Overseen by the French government and run by Business France, the VIE program allows your company to recruit highly qualified, early career professionals from France and other European countries.
  • Since 2001, more than 80,000 VIEs have been hosted by over 6,000 SMEs and corporations worldwide.



  • Business France handles all administrative procedures (payroll administration, contract, insurance, etc.)
  • FACCC works with the host company in the U.S. to obtain the J-1 visas. FACCC can also be the host company if you do not have any.
  • The full cost of the VIE is charged to the French company. The VIE program is exempt from taxation, and the French company is entitled to fiscal advantages and regional subsidies.
  • The assignment lengths in the U.S. range from 12 and 18 months. Candidates can be trained in France (up to 180 days) prior to their U.S. assignment.

Success story ARGOLIGHT & FACCC

Helie Pigeaud / VIE at Argolight

“I am proud to be the first VIE hosted by the FACCC, recently approved as Host Company by Odyssey International.

Argolight is an innovative French startup headquartered in Pessac (Metropolis of Bordeaux) and provider of all-in-one microscope quality control solutions.

Based at the NCBiotech Landing Pad, I benefit from the FACCC Business Development expertise. This unique combination will allow me to evaluate how Argolight products can benefit local Life Science companies. This valuable input will be the foundation of the Argolight development strategy in North America.”




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