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Webinar FACC NY - Managing diversity


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Have you ever noticed that working in teams does not always go as projected, often due to questions of diversity or just simple differences? Ever thought that Diversity & Inclusion is a nice idea in theory, but not so nice in practice? Have you already perceived the underlying complexity and challenges of teams you are a member of or teams you are managing? Have you ever wondered why a ‘no’ doesn’t mean ‘no’, and a ‘yes’ does not mean ‘yes’? Have you found yourself feeling frustrated with professional situations that occur frequently with colleagues or partners from other countries? Finally, do you have any examples to share or to examine as cases?

We’ll review the multiple aspects of group diversity (cultural, cognitive, social, etc.) that contribute not only to misunderstandings but also to group success. In this workshop, you’ll get to work on your own unique ‘Cultural Profile’ to determine your working preferences, and then we’ll review some of the major dimensions of culture relevant to teams and their managers to see where you stand. Finally, we’ll work interactively on culture-specific critical incidents to find creative solutions to interpreting and reacting to our diverse, international, and interesting work environments.

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