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Webinar: From Data to AI: Transforming Your Enterprise for the Digital Age


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Join FACCC and Jean-Georges Perrin for a free webinar on the journey from data to Artificial Intelligence.

This talk is a journey from data to artificial intelligence (AI). It will help software and data engineers/architects, as well as non-IT people, understand the major steps and underlying technologies to help transform enterprises with the digital and AI lever.

What is AI in 2020? Where is AI used for? What are business success stories associated with AI? Those are a few questions that I will address in the introduction, in order to set up the expectations and the context. This is no science fiction! Your journey will then move on to how you can create a safe haven for your data, by understanding the importance of data quality and what can data governance can bring to your organization. Before analyzing an example, I will highlight and explain the difference between a data engineering and a data scientist. I will share how I structured successful vertical teams combining both scientists and technologist. The example will illustrate an entire AI process using Apache Spark and Java.

Finally, before we leave each other, I will review the AI ladder and place the key learning you had on this ladder: this will help you explore the future in more serene way.



About Jean-Georges Perrin

Jean-Georges Perrin "jgp” is a senior solutions architect working for Advance Auto Parts and the author of Spark in Action, 2nd edition (Manning). He is passionate about software engineering and all things data, small and big data. His latest endeavors bring to more and more data engineering, data governance, and, his favorite theme, the industrialization of data science. He is proud to have been the first in France to be recognized as an IBM Champion and to have been awarded the honor for his 12th consecutive year. Jean-Georges shares his more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry as a presenter and participant at conferences and through publishing articles in print and online media. His blog is visible at http://jgp.net. When he is not immersed in IT, which he loves, he enjoys exploring his adopted region of North Carolina with his wife and kids.


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